BeCue Technology


The dawn of a new era for billiards. Breathe, relax, forget, have fun: do what you really want to do.
Imagine being able to think only about the shot that you're making, imagine being able to clear your mind of any inkling of what will happen next.
Imagine that each of your shots is the best shot. Imagine being able to stop having to constantly correct your shots to compensate for the displacement of your pool cue.
Now stop imagining: Aurora Front End Technology is a reality.
After years of research, studies, trials, and tests with the technical collaboration of international professionals in the game of billiards,
we have produced a shaft with the most advanced technology available on the market.
Aurora Front End Technology completely redefines the concept of the billiard cue.
We have brought the level of precision to the farthest reaches of the possible.
And we have done this in order to give the player the best performance and the greatest comfort while playing the game.
The special Aurora patented system is a solution that revolutionizes the concept of displacement (deflection) of the pool cue.
Finally, you can focus solely on the game. Your game. Each shot will be the exact result of your will and, clearly, of your ability.
Stop trying to learn how to use your pool cue right now and concentrate your energies purely on improving your technique.


LEONARDO BALANCE SYSTEM is an exclusive registered patent of Becue.
Unique among its kind, it represents a veritable revolution in the panorama of balancing systems.
In fact, LBS allows you to not only obtain the desired weight with absolute precision, but it also enables you to change it very quickly,
permitting you to change the construction of the pool cue even while playing the game.
Our weights, thanks to the innovative free release anchorage system and the centesimal precision construction,
allow for quick insertion via three simple steps:
bumper opening
insertion of desired weight
bumper closing

Find the feeling with the game set-up. Finally, it will be a rapid, effective action, and, above all, one that is easily repeatable.
All Becue pool game cues are produced with an end weight of 19 oz., with the possibility of incrementing it by ½ oz., from time to time. Up to a maximum weight of 21 oz.
contains 4 Weight Bullets with weights from 0.5 oz., 1 oz., 1.5 oz., to 2 oz.